Our Guarantee

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Acme Leak Detection’s Iron Clad  Guarantee….
GUARANTEE ON  DETECTION: All leak location and detection work are guaranteed 30  days from the date of completion.  We will retest the system or refund the detection fee (at our discretion) if the leak is reported within 30 days of our detection, and that the same leak still exists.  We will not be liable for any other consequential losses.

GUARANTEE ON REPAIR: Minor repairs are guaranteed for 30 days.  Major repairs are guaranteed for 7 years from date completed unless otherwise stated.  All repairs are guaranteed for defective workmanship only.  Acme Leak Detection, Inc. is not responsible for any consequential losses or leaks on pre-existing plumbing.  Guarantee only applies to new plumbing installed by Acme Leak Detection, Inc. Call   (951) 660-0445 to get a free estimate today!